September 2015 - More Marketing (video)

Of all the business sectors that need attention, marketing is still the most insistently demanding for all of us. We think we have got it right and maybe we have for a period. But then we see someone else doing it better or more efficiently so we know that our mix has to be changed again.

I know a hotelier who is looking for more Christmas bookings already, but her blogs are sporadic and random. The rules are that blogs need to focus on a topic that is likely to help readers with their lives and or their business; and we need to do this regularly because that is how you build up readership.

There is an engineering business round the corner that doesn't even have 'contemporary marketing' on the agenda for their monthly management meetings; they are afraid of the subject and yet so much of marketing boils down to common sense.

At a recent local networking event I sat opposite a solicitor who was clearly there because she had been told to go. She displayed a complete lack of interpersonal skills; she failed to engage with anyone around her and when it was time to go she fished out a fistful of business cards and dealt them out to us all like a card-sharp.

Only this week we have taken on someone to manage our client base, mailings and events more professionally. Thought for the Month, for example, will go out at a set time and date in future.... lets listen to Claire Wozencroft,

an expert on contemporary marketing.