September 2013 - Double Top

Sometimes changing business circumstances can challenge family life; it's the longer term impact on parental role models that has to be watched.

We know a couple in Yorkshire where Belinda is MD of a successful PR business. She employs 20 people and at 50 years of age with three young teenage children she seems happy, confident and fulfilled.

Her husband Dave on the other hand, despite being a talented engineer has been under the threat of redundancy for several years. He seems depressed, has low self esteem and is even starting to doubt his own proven talent. So, one parent is flying high and the other struggles to get out of bed in the morning. But the children are watching.

Belinda cannot help Dave; she is too close to him. But someone can. Dave needs to take back control of his life. He does this by finding out what makes him the special person he is; he then puts together a strategy to start to fulfil that potential.

Children need, wherever possible, to admire, respect and trust both parents equally.


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