Thought for the month - September 2011


Interview with Vernon Amor, Managing Director at Wye Valley Brewery

The power of passion in business leaders is limitless: perhaps it inspires and motivates people in organisations more than any other human characteristic.

I remember Vernon 25 years ago in the yard behind the Barrels pub. The cobble stones were covered with empty nine gallon casks. Vernon had a hose pipe in his left hand and a mallet in his right. Come rain or shine his job was to fill each container, then throw the hose, still spewing best bitter, into the next. He would insert a cork bung and whack it home with the mallet.

Eventually, all the barrels would be full and then the lifting began; lifting each heavy metal item and its contents onto the waiting lorry. And when the last cask was loaded he would turn around, look at the gallery of quietly supping customers, and smile - it was a shy, almost self deprecatory smile.

Passion is a funny business. It must be something to do with the five senses; the sight of the brightly coloured point of sale material, the sound of the draymen loading, the smell of the local hops, the taste of freshly brewed beer, the touch of industry colleagues at the SIBA conference. You either have it for the business you run or you don't.

Vernon is Managing Director of Wye Valley Brewery now.

Do you want to see the smile?


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