October 2016 - The Local Economy

Sometimes it is large local projects such as the New Hereford University mentioned last month that can make a significant difference to a local economy. Equally important are the many smaller ongoing activities in the county that generate income.

On the banks of the river Wye last Sunday an angler was tucked away down at the bottom of a steep bank trying to catch fish right across on the other side of the water. We chatted for a while and then he said that he and his wife are down from London for a week's holiday prior to the 54th River Wye Championship next Sunday.

He added that his wife and a friend love to spend the days visiting Herefordshire market towns where one of them is looking for antique books and the other has a passion for finding, amongst other things, old thimbles. He practises his fishing during the day and then they meet up at their bed and breakfast in Hereford City before wandering out for a meal and a drink in the evening together.

Now the autumn months are not generally known for a tourism influx locally but the fact is that that the Wye Championship, followed by the 10th River Wye three day festival and then the 4th Angling Trust Riverfest two day Final at Hereford are national attractions in the next month or so for top match anglers all-round the country.

The river itself is seen as probably the finest coarse angling venue in the UK so this means that many people, their families and friends spend several days participating and or spectating; they use local accommodation, pubs, restaurants and shops.

So the river Wye is a great asset for many different users; even better when that usage contributes to both businesses and to the community.




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