October 2015 - Able to be disabled (video)

There are so many new gadgets and technological developments for people with impairments or disabilities that employers have a much greater range of options when employing staff than ever before.

I was talking to the head brewer of a local company who told me that his very best operative is someone who can speak just one or two words at a time but who is unable to put a sentence together. This employee has a repetitive job on the production line and he works in silence day after day, week after week yet he never makes a mistake.

There is a chemist in the county with a ground and a first floor shopping area that has installed a seated wheelchair lift; she told me that the investment has proved to be a double benefit since both a new member of staff and customers use the facility on a regular basis.

In the sporting arena, the game of tchoukball is used to develop teambuilding ability in businesses and schools alike. A recent match between visually impaired students was made possible by merely increasing the size of the frame.

Installation of a chair lift at the Hereford rowing club has resulted in a material increase in the use of the facilities. Many Hereford business premises have commissioned simple removable ramps that give access to both staff and customers.

The fact remains that it is the leader's primary responsibility in any business to recruit, keep and develop talent from wherever it may be sourced. And there is an increasingly rich vein of skill and ability that is only too keen to join the workforce, in some cases for the very first time.
Let's listen to a 'thought leader' for the industry, Alastair Gibbs, Managing Director at TPG DisableAids in Hereford.