October 2013 - Corporate Social Responsibility

So many business enterprises are now looking much more closely than ever before at their role in society. This is a much wider remit than mere profit and cash.

We have the entire proceeds of the Barrels Beer Festivalwww.wyevalleybrewery.co.uk  being donated to local charities; we have www.allpay.net working in partnership with local churches to enhance Broadband access in rural areas. And Cafe@allsaints is a wonderful fresh food cafe set in the striking context of a medieval church building.

Localisation is increasingly built upon creating great relationships where one and one make three or even four. This means that we now have partnerships and collaboration between people that might once have dismissed each other as 'the competition'.

So when two independent Herefordshire growers,www.wyevalenurseries.co.uk andwww.allensmore.co.uk found themselves both burning fuel on the A1 up to Scotland, they came together to see how they could take cost out of their transport budgets.

Gareth Williams is MD at www.caplor.co.uk and he lives and breathes this stuff. Let's listen up.

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