Thought for the month - October 2011

Getting out there

Interviews with business leaders at Abergavenny Food Fair

There are still far too many business owners looking round for something or someone to blame - we all have to get out there and do what we can to improve business performance, whatever the circumstances we face.

Traditional butchers for example, are under threat from supermarkets that can sometimes sell meat products cheaper than they can be bought by the family business. This means that the small player has to develop a presence in the market place in order to get closer to customers than ever before, especially the younger, new generation of buyers.

Having a strong personal presence in the market place is very time consuming and very demanding; it is another strategy and that is why Neil Chambers takes his Handmade Scotch Egg company to more than forty food shows and events every year. Neil puts himself right on the front line and this is a key part of his business model.

Commitment of a different kind brings BBC celebrity chef Cyrus Todiwala and his kitchen brigade all the way from their superb restaurant in Prescot Street, London, to the Welsh hills every year. Next time you are in town, treat yourself to the Cafe Spice Namaste experience.

It is one thing to clarify your contemporary marketing strategy but then it is even more important to get out and actually do it consistently over time. Take a look at how these businesses did it at the Abergavenny Food Fair last year.

And guess what, they were all back there doing it again this year.


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