November 2017 - Jugular Issues

One of the commonest causes of business malfunction is people at the top who are reluctant to discuss the most pressing issues that face the organisation.

It doesn't matter whether we are talking about directors, owners, partners or management teams, if one or more people are unwilling to address the big things, it is a genuine threat to the future of the business. There is so much competition in the market place, the last thing anyone needs is competition in the board room.

Look for someone who:

  • always puts the future needs of your business above their own involvement. Coaches are not there to take root or to become part of the furniture; they are there to add real value every time they work with you. If they don't, change them.
  • has the authority and experience to challenge or question everything and anything that is being discussed, no matter whose opinion it is. Everyone serves the business and that includes the MD, the owner or other directors. Sometimes this work can be painful and your coach needs to be skilled at handling conflicting opinions and emotions.
  • understands relationships and how they work in both business and personal life. So very many business Bull's Eyes have a direct bearing on the hopes, aspirations and fears of people running the business. Sometimes 'succession' is one of the biggest single issues for discussion.
  • is demonstrably an expert in their field. Study their website, read their testimonials and even contact some of the people quoted if need be. But make sure that the person you choose is currently doing what he or she says they are doing with other businesses.

The solution is to get someone in. Coaches, facilitators, mentors, advisers - it doesn't really matter what you call them as long as they make a genuine positive difference to your business and / or your life - every time.