November 2015 - Engagement

This is a world where so many disparate people want to engage with us in so many diverse ways at various times of the day and night. Equally if we are trying to grow our own business, we have to try and communicate in a meaningful way with potential and actual customers. So what is the difference between 'them' and 'us'?

At one extreme our inboxes will contain offers and information about subjects that we have no interest in. Any attempt to unsubscribe from some of these emails will have no effect. We will be stopped in the street and invited to sign up to a cause or maybe to a charity. Our doorbell will sound and the telephone will ring as all sorts of strangers try to attract our attention and persuade us to commit to one thing or another.

So what about us? Well it may be reasonable to assume that existing customers would be happy to receive occasional courteous and respectful communication. For potential customers, whether we are selling a product or a service perhaps we have to believe that what we are offering will make a positive difference to people's lives and or their business. But anyone can make that claim. So if we want to be different from all the people that annoy us so much, we are going to have to go further.

We need to make it easy for our potential prospects to avoid engagement altogether; we need to make it easy for people that have shown the mildest of interest in our products and or our service to disengage. This means no 'hard sell'.

Furthermore it is not what we say about our wares that count; it is what other people say that matters more. This means we have to offer real testimonials from real people that would confirm the claims we make.

We only have our time, energy and money to make us successful, so we all need to choose wisely how we spend it.