November 2013 - Never knowingly delivered on time

There are some business leaders that appear to break all the rules yet still demonstrably survive and thrive.

We first met James on one of our Herefordshire Directors' Forums. He'd known about them for years and really couldn't see what benefit they could be to his manufacturing business. His company makes bespoke engineering parts for the automotive industry and employs thirty staff.

When James finally joined a forum the single biggest thing about him was the extraordinary impact he had on each member of the group. He seemed able to develop instant rapport with each person he met. It is no exaggeration to say that everyone loved him for his listening skills, his compassion and his humour.

As the forum progressed it became clear that he had no business plan as such, avoids meetings whenever possible, does not do appraisals, staff or customer surveys. And furthermore he has no intention of changing.

It was the day we were discussing 'exceptional customer service' that he jokingly confessed that his own strap line ought to be: "Never knowingly delivered on time"

Everyone laughed but maybe it just goes to show that there are exceptions to all the rules.....


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