Thought for the month - November 2012

How much you want it  

Interviews with business leaders at the Allpay Flavours of Herefordshire Festival

Back in 1984 there was another recession. People said it was not a good time to start or grow a business. Thirty years on, similar voices can be heard so let's look at the essential differences between then and now.

To start with, it doesn't matter what kind of business you run today, you have to have a contemporary marketing strategy. There is a conversation going on out there and you have to be part of it via websites, blogs, videos and much more besides. Not so many years ago it just used to be, "Where shall we place our adverts?"

Next, if you are part of a family business, often the backbone of a rural economy, then there is frequently one single most important issue: how effective and seamless is the succession plan between mum and or dad and sons and or daughters. Years ago the kids were expected to do what they were told.

Thirdly, your IT and your IT advisers have to be as good as they can be. If this isn't the case, for whatever reason, then keep a look out for your competitors. They will be gobbling up your market share at a speed that was of unheard of a generation ago.

Finally people. It's very simple. The more open and honest we are with colleagues, staff, stakeholders and customers, the better will be the performance of our business.

Nobody is saying that any of this is easy. That's why my family lived mainly on the fish I caught from the river Wye back in 1984. Like most things in life, it all depends how much you want it.

Lets listen to some of those that do.


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