Thought for the month - November 2011

Great Expectations

Interview with Glenn Jones, Managing Director at Pearl Lake Leisure Park

There is a lot of loose talk around customer care or customer experience. Lots of business people talk about it but few organisations actually deliver excellence consistently, over time.

At Pearl Lake Leisure Park in Herefordshire, Glenn Jones and his team have been working hard in this area over many years. They have tried to look at just about everything they do from a customer perspective.

This beautiful venue is primarily for holiday homes, but touring caravans and campers are also welcome. One day a honeymoon couple arrived, but shortly after erecting their flimsy little tent, the skies opened and prolonged rainfall meant that the new visitors were soon cold and very wet. Glenn and the team simply re housed the couple into one of the superb new holiday homes for the duration of their stay. All their kit was cleaned and dried by the team........

As Managing Director, Glenn is never, ever satisfied that he is doing enough for his customers. Perhaps that is the reason he has taken his 2001 Customer Survey score of 80% to a staggering 91% in 2011. Let's listen to how he does it.



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