May 2017 - Confidence

Business confidence is often talked about in terms of the economy, the strength of the pound or which political party is in power. These are all external factors over which we have no influence.

But 'internal' business confidence is a hugely important attribute for both teams and individuals in organisations. It is useful to consider what causes confidence to increase, but also what can cause it to move in the other direction.

In sport you can see a goal scorer or run maker being successful for ten consecutive games. And then for no obvious reason, that same person, playing with the same team, in similar conditions, can fail to hit the target in the next ten games.

We are all able to develop our own brand of confidence in some areas of our life but not so easily in others. Confidence increases as we are able to develop three things; skills are the 'how to do', knowledge is the 'what to do', and attitude is the 'wanting to do'.

Sometimes false confidence is based upon our own view of ourselves looking from the 'inside out'. Genuine confidence however, comes from positive testimonials and recommendations; things customers say when they assess us from the 'outside in'. If this feedback becomes regular as time goes by then confidence gradually increases.

Of course events, some of which are out of our control, can knock even high levels of confidence. But successful businesses, like successful sports teams have to get back on track. Excellence isn't about doing it once or twice, it is about doing it consistently over time.

So how do you get back on track? You go back to basics: basic training, basic processes and procedures; the application of proven best practice. And then, with patience, all the old confidence returns.