May 2014 - Mercenaries

Great sports teams, great military teams, great business teams can be made with people from anywhere on the planet.

It's the time of year when trophies are awarded to winners from the world of rugby or hockey or football. I've heard it said on the media that many players are born and bred on the other side of the globe and that they come here mainly for the huge salaries. And the argument goes that it is impossible for these sportsmen to have the same passion, belief and commitment to their team as someone who plays for the side from the city, like Liverpool for example, where they were raised with family and friends.

This may sound plausible, but the fact is I find business teams that are made up of black and white, male and female, old and young, able and less able are nearly always best. The worst teams I meet are invariably a bunch of white, male, middle aged, complacent, paunchy English.


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