Thought for the month - May 2012

The Bully

It's not hard to spot the bully at the top of organizations. Unbeknown to most of them, they give away their preferred way of dealing with people in a variety of well rehearsed ways.

Some are renowned for the speed of change in their moods. One minute they can be affable, amusing and generous. Within a split second that same person can be critical, abusive and cruel. No one knows what presses the button.

Others see themselves and their business from first position; that is to say through their own five senses. It is only when you try to discuss, say team working (second position) or maybe competitors (third position) that you notice their words, their tone of voice and their body language are actually saying something different. This is known as congruence, or lack of it in this example.

Yet others start most of their sentences with the word 'I' but rarely, if ever, with the word 'we'.

This is not to say that an element of bullying is not a useful and sometimes necessary element in the make - up of some very successful leaders. It is more that their approach can simply demean, devalue and even destroy some people's lives.

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