March 2014 - Positive Purchasing

Whilst 'contemporary marketing' continues to get most of the attention from most business people we really must spend some quality time on that most underrated activity - purchasing.

Many years ago CO2, the bubbles in a glass of cider, sold for £64 per tonne. HP Bulmer saved themselves £40,000 per annum simply by negotiating better settlement terms between the two suppliers at that time.

M&M Sports on the other hand, created 250 jobs and made a fortune on the way, by purchasing end of line stock from the big brands and then selling it at a discount through their catalogue.

It's not always about cutting costs, sometimes we decide to buy refilled cartridges for our printer, for example, because it is an environmentally friendly thing to do. After all, it allegedly takes 400 hundred years for that bit of plastic to biodegrade. But then you find out that printer manufacturers are moving to invalidate their warranties if you don't use their new and expensively packaged cartridges.....

So effective purchasing results from a kind of vigilance; it's about looking for the opportunity and then trying to take it whilst it lasts. Let's listen to Alex Pattison - Appleton, Managing Director at Cartridge World, Hereford