Thought for the month - March 2012

Regulation and all that....

Interview with Bruce Gardiner, Managing Director at STD Pharmaceutical

At the beginning of a talk to business leaders I made the point that few SME's can do very much about the external change factors of politics, regulation, environment, society, technology, legislation and the economy.

The audience seemed to be broadly in agreement with this sentiment but one of our local Conservative MP's was not happy about it. He said that, from a political perspective, he is "sick to death" of the apathy and indifference of leaders to the importance of politics to business.

I asked him to tell me more and he said it was about time that business leaders engage more wholeheartedly with the political process and at the same time spend less time moaning about politicians. I suggested that the problem with engagement in any area of life is that it takes time, energy and money. Some SME leaders, looking at the seven external factors above could be forgiven for thinking that they have more pressing and immediate priorities than politics.

He fired back, "Just remember that business cannot exist without politics, but politics can exist without business......!"

Something for us all to think about but meanwhile, in the highly regulated area of medical products, let's listen to the Managing Director of STD Pharmaceutical, Bruce Gardiner.


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