June 2015 - Young talent

Talent can emerge from anyone on the payroll, doing any job, at any time.

Jim worked in a local retail store on Saturdays selling shoes whilst at school and on into 6th Form. He then went to college where he allegedly spent the best part of three years clubbing, pubbing or partying.

His first 'proper' job was in telesales. In his first week they told him to get a haircut and smarten up if he was serious about the job. At 24 he has now completed two years with the company and his boss emailed him last week:

"Hi Jim,
Having listened to you when you were doing telesales, trying to poach you for my department and now seeing you perform in core, you are a credit to the business. You are a passionate and ambitious rising star; your clients clearly like and respect you. Please send me your 'proudest achievements' document on your excellent work to date.

Jim replied:

"Hi Joanne,
Thank you very much for taking time to talk and listen to me today and for your kind comments in your email.

Key achievements this year:
124% to target (with still 2 weeks of FY to go)
£333,000 of expanded revenue and £1,217,000 of contact renewals (the highest client manager)
First sales person to sell 'ABC callout' and branded 'Moonways', the only 2 new products to be released this year
Winning my first 'tender' last month against our largest competitor
If these are 'hard achievements', some of the 'softer' ones are that I have built strong relationships with clients; maintained and developed good working relationships with my colleagues and also of the wider team of the organisation as a whole.

Young talent - it's out there but the best employers find it, keep it and develop it.