Thought for the month - June 2013


Some people believe that every business these days is a 'service' business no matter what it is that you make or supply. They go on to say that because supply exceeds demand in just about every market, the only thing that counts is what the customer ultimately experiences.

BBR Optometry operates as an independent and has been on the High Street for 30 years. And during that time they have watched all the multiples move onto the patch. Sometimes it seems as if every man and his dog think that he can be an optometrist.

So owner Nick decided upon two distinct approaches to the challenge of intense competition. The first was to hire talent in every area of the business; and sometimes that talent comes from afar. The second was to deliberately develop specialist eye care that the multiples have neither the skill nor the knowledge to copy.

Two more great lessons for all of us; let's listen to Nick Rumney, owner of BBR Optometry.


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