July 2016 - New Age

Ageism has no place in business and many of our local businesses are dependent upon excellent staff who want to continue working despite having reached "retirement" age.

Much has been made of the Queens 90th birthday and, royalist or republican, one cannot but admire her tremendous work ethic. This was clearly illustrated in her 86th year when she visited our own beautiful city as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
Amongst other duties the Queen spent a considerable amount of time greeting, chatting and laughing with some of the twenty five thousand people who turned out to see her. The Queen presents the same immaculate and consistent image today as she did 64 years ago at her coronation.

So experience, knowledge and well-honed skills have a place in any finely tuned workforce, where a mix of gender, ethnicity, abilities and age will all bring something different to the party. Older people may well have worked in a variety of different organisations which means that they can contribute new ideas and new ways of doing things.
They may not have the same demands on their time as younger people which can therefore make them more flexible and responsive to the needs of the business. And someone older, who has been used to working hard all their life is not necessarily going to want to change the habits of a lifetime just because they have reached a certain age.
If however there are staff that employers would be happy to see retire, some serious commitment to elements of best practice such as regular meetings, appraisals and performance management should have sorted this problem out years ago.

So the next time a well-travelled, female noctogenarian with excellent interpersonal skills and a 'can do' attitude applies for a job with you, make sure you don't dismiss her out of hand!