July 2014 - Clowns

There are some very senior people in business that can be charming, personable and responsive one minute. Yet the very same individuals can be rude, offensive and arrogant the next. How does this happen?

Well you will find these people most often, but not always, in sales. Sometimes they are actually running the company. Their favourite human beings are invariably potential or actual customers. Less favoured are certain colleagues, most staff and a variety of stakeholders. These unfortunates are often on the receiving end because with this view of the world, this paradigm if you will, people are either important or they are not important.

You could argue that it doesn't really matter; if for example the sales person is bringing home the bacon, let him or her get on with it. But actually it does matter because we all have both internal and external customers so we can behave courteously and respectfully, if we think about it, in exactly the same way with both groups of people.

The culture in organisations always, always starts at the top. Staff morale, commitment and ultimately performance for the business depends upon it.




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