Thought for the month - July 2013

Just do it

Interview with Ben Kinnaird, owner of Rather Inventive.

The truth is that every business has to devise its own combination of communication mediums. And yes, it is trial and error. And yes, it is always going to be 'work in progress'. And yes, it is one of the few remaining ways in which any business can develop and sustain competitive advantage.

Top media coach Alan Stevens publishes a high content weekly blog peppered with links to other useful sites. Jo Satariano, marketing executive at Black Sheep Brewery uses the "incredibly important" Facebook site to promote their "fun and quirky" side.

Someone tweeted 'BUY LOCAL, get your Christmas tree at Dinmore farm' one Saturday last December. This was immediately retweeted by many, and on Sunday the place was rammed with customers. A local waste disposal company uses a combination of interactive website and the Yellow Pages to attract two different types of customers. Pearl Lake Leisure Park recognises that videos on You Tube are powerful for their business growth.

If you want to short cut this process, make a list of some of your most successful competitors. Scroll through their websites to see what they are doing, then take your pick.

Ben Kinnaird, owner of Rather Inventive, knows a thing or two about this subject. He is also a super speaker and trainer, so listen up.

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