January 2016 - The great business

There are some wonderful businesses scattered around the countryside but sometimes it is so easy for the owners to lose sight of just how good their business is.

Last week I was chatting to the MD of a local wholesale nursery where they grow and supply high quality plants. The site is always laid out beautifully and there are some amazing trees, shrubs and ferns, items that have been grown from seed and others that have been personally selected from overseas suppliers. A recent customer survey revealed that some customers travel the length and breadth of the country to visit Greenfingers Nursery; because they know that they will find something special.

As we were talking Alan told me that he and his wife Bev went on a seminar in Oxford just before Christmas. It was a great session by all accounts and they both picked up a lot from the day. However he said, "This may sound a bit silly but do you know what? The thing we learned that made the most impact for us both is the fact that we have a great business! We spend so much time thinking about it, trying to improve it and developing ourselves that we simply forget how successful we have been - for thirty years!"

"As a result of that forum," he continued, "we have become much more energised; now we recognise what a super business we have, we are focusing on building that success and not just beating ourselves up about the bits that could be better."