Thought for the month - January 2013

The Bishop and the Publican

A lot of business people are working hard at looking for new individuals and new groups of people to engage with. This is so much easier to do than ever before simply because of the many different ways of communicating available to us all.

Globalisation as a concept seems a bit quaint and even old fashioned to the very many of us who feel that there is a strong move towards localisation: looking for a greater diversity and better quality of business on our very own patch. This needs more and more people to consciously look for the local alternative rather than taking the easy option with the supermarket, mega store or discredited bank.

Transition Town Totnes for example, describes itself as a "dynamic, community-led charity that is strengthening the local economy, reducing the cost of living and preparing for a future with less oil and a changing climate."

We are doing some great things here in Herefordshire too so let's listen to the Bishop of Hereford, Rt Reverend Anthony Priddis talking about community and business, and Peter Amor, Publican at the Barrels in Hereford talking about business and the community.

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