Febuary 2016 - Experts

Because we are all engulfed in a rising tide of knowledge and information, it is important that the key messages about our own organisation are not muffled or drowned out altogether.

We have to get the value that we offer across to potential customers whilst at the same time reinforcing relationships with our existing customers. The first step is to identify our expertise - very many people at the top of organisations have expertise that they either don't recognise or are reluctant, for whatever reason, to share. Generalists in the market place are ten a penny, but in the knowledge world people are looking for high trust relationships with experts.
There are two ways to demonstrate expertise: one is to write and the other is to speak. Get to write for newspapers, trade magazines, social media sites or wherever you think your customers are likely to be. Experts:

  • Have something of genuine value to share with their audience
  • Structure their article or their talk in such a way that enables the audience to use the information to improve their business and or their life. For example, you make a point (expertise), you tell a story (the most powerful way to engage your audience) and you explain the application. Point : story ; application.
  • Are authentic. If they speak, their words, their voice and their body language are all saying the same thing. In other words they are congruent.

For a senior person, making the decision to speak at carefully chosen industry conferences, events and exhibitions is part of the journey towards being a 'thought leader'.

Becoming a 'thought leader' in ones chosen area of expertise is a hugely valuable investment in both our personal and our organisational intellectual capital that we are taking to market.

  • Tim, you are a highly original and dynamic speaker - your keynote address at our Convention provoked: "Tim Kidson was excellent" "Passionate and energetic" and "First class" are typical of the comments made by some of the 140 delegates attending."

    Chris Challender - Regional Manager - Chartered Management Institute

  • Very many thanks for a really excellent presentation. Your personal strap line was fully reflected in our day.

    Christopher Ward - Chief Executive - Wales Management Council

  • Tim is a passionate, engaging and entertaining speaker - with a very real message that is of paramount of importance to every single business - large or small. I can't remember the last time I so enjoyed and felt inspired to action by a speaker - Tim is incredible - you must see him!

    Sue Gilkes - Senior Partner - Your Impact (UK)

  • That was a brilliant keynote Tim. You have an amazing way of painting pictures for your audience.

    June Williams - Director of Quality - Investors in people UK

  • I just wanted to say how much my colleagues and I enjoyed your keynote presentation last Thursday. Great recommendation - thank you. Very appropriate for our business!

    Liz Hartstone - Managing Director - PROFILE Global Hospitality Recruitment London

  • What a powerful and thought provoking presentation. It was a fantastic keynote Tim, you will be inundated by the audience after that.

    Paul Surridge - Chief Executive - Sightcare

  • Thank you so much for your excellent presentation; you really got the room buzzing and the overarching theme of the talk had something for everybody in business

    Janette Rawlinson - Chair - Women in Business - Birmingham

  • You were fabulous, as always, and I know the group took masses from your presentation. Thank you once more for being so warm and generous, I know you made several fans to add to your many more.

    Angi Egan - Managing Director - Pure Vision UK Ltd

  • That was a wonderful keynote Tim. The power and simplicity of your Bull's Eye model has saved our executive countless hours of meetings for this coming year alone.

    Peter Amor - Chairman - Society of Independent Brewers

  • You have captured the essence of a committed relationship between two people, then applied that to organisations. It will work anywhere.

    Paul Thandi - Chief Executive Officer - The NEC Group

  • I found your talk inspiring and can assure you that I will using the information you provided on the day and in your book.

    Neil Rossiter - Operations Director- Spectrum Environmental Ltd

  • It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you so much for doing this event. It was truly inspirational and it's certainly causing a positive stir with our BA's.

    Helen Goring - Head of Events, BLWM