February 2015 - The Pensioner

It was fifty years ago that I collected five pounds, three shillings and four pence for my first weeks wage as an apprentice at Foxboro Yoxall Engineering.

Now I can go home tonight, happy in the knowledge that Sharon will (may) have warmed my slippers by the fire, a glass of red will (may) be close by the armchair, my supper will (may) be brought in on a tray. I could have a little nap afterwards and the statutory pension cheque should be nestling in my personal account.

But hold on a minute. Glenn was telling me recently that after an electrical hitch at Pearl Lake Leisure (www.pearllake.co.uk) on a Bank Holiday weekend recently, his father put in an overnight shift to sort it out.

Then I see Ruth Taylor still looking after the treasury function at Allensmore Nurseries (www.allensmore.co.uk) , contributing in full to the monthly management meetings.

There's Peter up at Lyonshall still to be seen monitoring what is going on in the marquee workshop on a regular basis (www.burgoynes-marquees.co.uk)

Now all these people are well past their three score and
ten, so maybe I've got to sharpen up, kick off the
slippers and crack on after all......or maybe not.

Either way, Will Kintish (www.kintish.co.uk) sent me a word of warning, "Just remember Tim, when you retire ........you'll never get another day off!"