Thought for the month -February 2013


Interview with Malcolm Thompson. Managing Director at
Burgoynes, Lyonshall.

Many of us have been obliged to engage in partial diversity activities in order to remain competitive in the market place in recent years.

This usually means providing new products and or services to existing customers and markets or exploring new customers and markets with existing products and services. Total diversity on the other hand is a high risk strategy, some call it 'madness'.

Sometimes however, total diversity is the only option. Agricultural businesses for example, left reeling by foot and mouth, extremes of weather and cheap imports have needed to look for alternative income streams.

One such example is Burgoynes of Lyonshall where traditional agricultural working over many generations is still important, but where haulage and marquee hire have provided excellent sources of diversity. Nonetheless these alternative income streams themselves are also subject to market forces and increasing competition as fuel and labour costs rise.

However despite the challenges, the land and buildings are providing jobs for over 30 people, (more in season) being used and retained for generations to come. Sometimes a bigger perspective is essential. It's not just about short term profits but it's also about leaving a legacy for the longer term.

Malcolm Thompson is Managing Director at Burgoynes of Lyonshall and he shared his ideas with us recently.

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