December 2016 - When the telescope turns

About thirty years ago there was another recession, not as bad as the one we have just had, but a recession nonetheless. Many people had some sort of redundancy option offered, and some decided to start their own business.

There are some great Herefordshire businesses tucked away behind hedges and down country lanes that were set up back in the eighties. At that time men and women looked through the small lens of their telescope to see all the opportunities, expansion plans and new markets that lay ahead. And how exciting it all was!

But gradually as time passed a fresh generation of youngsters emerged with new ways of doing things, new ways of seeing and new ways of thinking about business. So one day, those mums and dads woke up and suddenly, almost overnight, realised that the telescope had turned; they are now looking through the wide lens and it seems as if time and energy for the business is running out.

But what a great opportunity this is; it can be a life changing moment for some. There is an alternative world to working flat out in the business month after month and year after year.

One female who has been hands on in her Hereford City business for forty years said that she now wants to spend more quality time with the grandchildren. Another business owner said that he and his wife have taken a cottage in the West Country where they now plan to spend several months a year, far away from profit and loss accounts and balance sheets. A senior partner in a firm of solicitors told me that when he retired and started driving the village school bus it was one of the best decisions of his life.

So if the telescope has turned for you during the break, grab the opportunity to enjoy a genuine "New" Year!





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