December 2013 - Marriage guidance for business lovers

It's a great thing to go into business with family and / or friends when things are going well. I mean, why would you go into business with anyone else?

Sharon and I are privileged to work with dozens of businesses like this and we find that tensions, if they do arise, when seen from the outside in, are very understandable. For instance, businesses need to:

  • be able to exploit change, whereas families and friends often want to keep things the same
  • be outward looking whereas close relationships are often inward looking
  • use conscious behaviour to manage situations when the behaviour of families and friends is often based on habit and familiarity
  • make rational 'task based' decisions and not let too much pure emotion get in the way....

Richard Morgan is a partner and Head of Litigation at Harrison Clark Rickerbys so let's listen to his advice on how to go into business with anyone, let alone people you know well.

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