Thought for the month - December 2012


Interview with Jonathan Hines, Managing Director of Architype

It is a privilege to meet the passionate, driven people and leaders whose beliefs and values, maybe even the need to change the world, are sometimes stronger than their need to make lots, or even much money at all.

I find them tucked away in the hedgerows and hillsides of Herefordshire often invisible to the passing naked eye. On the one hand there is the renewable energy business, able to advise on and supply ways of becoming self sufficient in energy.

On the other side there are those businesses committed to growing and supplying organically grown food that ticks all the environmentally sound boxes for their customers.

Yet other businesses are committed to supplying modern buildings that comply with all the latest legislation yet are wonderful, natural and harmonious places to live and work.

The challenge for some of these visionary leaders, in a rapidly changing world, is whether there are enough customers out there that are prepared to pay for something that is sometimes creative, innovative and special.

Let's listen to Jonathan Hines, Managing Director of international award winning architects, Architype.


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