Thought for the month - December 2011


Interview with Mark Taylor, Managing Director at Allensmore Nurseries

At a recent executive group meeting it emerged that many of the delegates have issues with the future direction of their businesses. One or more of the external forces of political, regulatory, economic, social, technological, legislative and environmental change is partly the cause of this situation in every business. Often however, the worst culprits are the directors themselves who do not keep talking, keep reviewing, keep flexible about the jugular decisions that need to be made.

Allensmore Nurseries is one of the great Herefordshire family businesses. Mark Taylor is MD and during a recent visit and tour of the premises all sorts of ideas where shared. What a beautiful venue, why don't you open a restaurant? Have you thought of doing retail sales, and there is space here for a play area? Have you tried growing your own plants rather than buying them in? So Mark listens patiently to all these thoughts and then politely advises visitors that yes, they have considered all these ideas. However, they have carefully developed and grown the business since Marks mother and father set up 35 years ago. The strategy is: to supply top quality plants to the multiples and to independent garden centres. That is it. No restaurants, no play areas, no retail, nothing except the focus.

So with the holiday break almost upon us, and before the days start to get longer once more, we will all have the chance to reflect on our business direction. Because one thing is absolutely evident: the clearer we are about the Bull's Eye for our business, the more likely we are to achieve it. Let's listen to Mark Taylor.



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