January 2014 - Blind date

If you are looking for new business to start the year, then try going straight for the jugular.

We know lots of people in business that put too many spurious links in their sales and marketing chains. And sometimes these links are broken anyway.

By all means join the Round Table - this could be a valuable contribution to your local community. But don't expect any referrals.

Sign up with the IOD, the Chamber of Commerce, and the FSB if you like - there are some interesting people out there and there is a huge amount of information for us all to learn. But don't expect any referrals.

Join some early morning networking groups and make sure that you enjoy your full English breakfast. But don't expect any referrals.

Instead, make sure that you are consistently receiving great testimonials from your customers. Secondly, put your time and energy into getting in front of the buyers of your target customers, usually the MD in SME's, eyeball to eyeball. Lastly, ask for the business.


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