August 2017 - The moment

We all have a past to look back on and a future to look forward to, but what about the present, the everyday things in the here and now?

Whilst walking into work past the Castle Pool it may be a shock to see the entire surface of the water covered in green duck weed. You walk on, remembering scrumptious barbeques in the hotel garden years ago, when the water was crystal clear. Then you buy your Hereford Times at the corner shop only to read that a volunteer group has just been formed to restore the pool to its former glory.

During the day you come across the work experience student from Hereford Sixth Form college who has just received the A level results needed to enrol with his university of choice. As he quietly explains his subjects and his grades his face is alive with excitement, pride and delight.

On the way home from work you pop into one of our local supermarkets where there is a female who works on the bread and pastries section. She must be one of the oldest members of staff in the shop, but she is always delighted to help; she finds the freshest loaf, the best hot cross buns or the nicest almond slice. Every visit. All you have to do is ask.

Some people suggest that each night, before we go to sleep, we should lie in bed and recall just a few of the very special moments that can happen to each one of us, every day. The sights, the sounds, the tastes, the touches, the smells.....

If you try to do this, but cannot think of any special moments, then it may be worth exploring some aspects of your business and or your personal life that you may wish to change.