August 2015 - New Year

Quite a number of the people that we work with think of September as the 'New Year' rather than January. It may be something to do with starting a afresh at school or even at a new school. For people that went to college, a first job and the start of a new 'life phase' sometimes begins at this time of year too.

In business there is no doubt that a fresh look at everything, at least annually, is always a good thing. Maybe, when many people are returning after a holiday break, minds are more open and receptive to the changes that may need to be made to ensure that our business is fit and ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The first thing to review is the direction of the business. Where would you like it to be in say three years' time? What will the business look like and feel like in September 2018? The clearer we can be about the direction (the Bull's Eye) that we would like to follow, and the better we communicate this to colleagues, staff, stakeholders and even customers, the more likely we are to achieve it.

There may have been changes at the top; even members of long standing family businesses don't stay together for ever. Some staff may have changed; as for stakeholders you may be starting the Autumn term with a new website designer or a new accountant. Teams in business are constantly evolving like this and the best businesses have some good long term relationships built over a period. Equally they are always on the lookout for new talent, new blood for the future.

But whatever date you choose to celebrate your New Year, the fact is that on 1st September there are 115 days to Christmas.