April 2015 - Help

Sometimes I meet business leaders whose stated Bull's Eye is so far ahead of the norm, the ambitious or even the manically driven that I know they need the sort of support that I am not qualified to deliver.

I first met Gaynor when she worked at a garden centre in Kent. From the very beginning I was struck by her passion for plants, her prodigious energy and strength; her amazing rapport with colleagues and customers alike.

Clearly this was someone who wished to make a massive impact. Then suddenly Gaynor left her employment to set up on her own. It was not long before her fledgling business was surging ahead, scattering local competition far and wide. But at 35 she had a partner and a personal life that was starting to wilt under a succession of 80 hour weeks, month after month.

When she told me one day that she wanted to treble the size of the business in three years, I suggested she could benefit from seeing a psychiatrist. She asked me indignantly if I thought she was mad. I replied that when people talk about trebling the size of a business like hers in three years, they can find it useful to understand more about their own personal drivers. You can try to have whatever you like on this earth, but there is always a price to pay.

The quicker you discuss 'the price' with your partner the quicker you may find out whether the price is worth paying......