April 2014 - Winner

Sir Alex Ferguson, former manager of Manchester United Football Club has been offered a long term teaching position at Harvard University because he is a 'winner.'

Very many business owners and leaders also want to be winners. Typically they say something like "Well this is a £5 million company today and I want it to be an £8 million company in three years."

So you try to advise them, maybe on the strength of 35 years experience, how they could possibly go about it. But seven times out of ten, they then tell you how they intend to go about it.

And yes, charisma, energy and enthusiasm, the stock in trade of entrepreneurs, can often result in quick hits, short term gains and one off successes. But genuine winners, those who win consistently despite changing time and circumstance, see things differently and do things differently.

These people win because they are interested in personal growth, and they learn to apply some core principles of leadership and management year after year after year. So we'd all better listen up to Sir Alex Ferguson.



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