Thought for the month - April 2012

Too tired

You sometimes wonder just how tired you have to be before performance, the excellent performance we are all trying to deliver, starts to decline.

The owner looked drawn as he said to me that "Well, sales are pants - all the marketing in the world won't bring customers in to spend money at the moment."

At the renewable energy business the director seemed resigned to recent changes in legislation as she hissed "You can always rely on the government to mess up any exciting new business initiative."

And the transport company are contemplating fuel price changes in the pipeline and wondering whether, after the next hike in diesel, the business will continue to be viable, let alone profitable.

There is no doubt that stress, weariness and even depression can stem directly from adverse trading conditions. The same symptoms however, can also be caused by unrealistic business and / or personal material wealth expectations.

It is a wise person that knows the difference.

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